The Piper Encyclopedia

Paratime Conveyor

A conveyor is the machine which is used by the Paratimers to move between timelines. It makes use of the Ghaldron-Hesthor field to transpose through alternate realities. A typical conveyor is a 30' spherical...metal mesh... Minimum distance of xx parayears. The transposition time between Lord Kalvan's timeline on the 4th level and Police Terminal on the 5th level was about half an hour. [Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen]

Description of a paratime transposition: "Verkan Vall watched the landscape outside the almost invisible shimmer of the transposition-field; now he was int he forest of the Fifth Level. The mountains, of course, were always the same, but the woods around flickered and shifted. There was a great deal of randomness about which tree grew where, from time-line to timeline. Now and then he would catch fleeting glimpses of open country, and the buildings and airport installations of his own people. The red light overhead went off and on, a buzzer sounding each time. The conveyor dome became a solid iridescence, and then a mesh of cold inert metal. The red light turned green. He picked up a Sigma Ray Needler needlerfrom the desk in front of him and holstered it. As he did, the door slid open and two men in Paratime Police green, a lieutenant and a patrolman, entered. When they saw him, they relaxed, holstering their own weapons.
"In theory, the Ghaldron-Hesthor transposition-field was inpenetrable; in practice, especially when two paratemporal vehicles doing in opposite 'directions' interpenetrated, the field would weaken briefly, and external objects, sometimes alive and hostile, would intrude."

In two stories Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen and "He Walked Around the Horses" a human from our world is carried to another timeline by just such an accident.

A conveyor could be miniaturized so that Verkan Vall could carry found small "globes of coppery mesh" which had anti-gravity and paratime conveyor gadgets in them so that he could send a message back to the home timeline by releasing the ball into the air where it flew up out of sight and then transposed with a flash of light. [Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen]