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The aboriginal inhabitants of Mars. The Martians were fully human and reached a technical civilization around 100,000 years ago, but Mars was an old world and failing and the Martian species went extinct on Mars not long after. In most, if not all, levels of Paratime, the Martians achieved very limited interplanetary travel (though they had been scientific and civilized for at least fifteen centuries before they tried to colonize Earth) and colonized Earth, with the story of one Martian colonizing expedition chronicled in "Genesis". (The degree of success of those colonies was the main thing differentiating the main levels of Paratime.)

The Martian language was deciphered by Martha Dane on the First Martian archaeological expedition chronicled in "Omnilingual".

The Martian cilivization was old and included periods such as:
  • The final, dying cuture
  • Late Upland Culture
  • The Canal Builders

It appears that the Martians were not united even at the end of their civilization, since Kalvar Dard was a colonel in the Frontier Guards -- which implies a frontier to be guarded. [Genesis]